• If you haven't talked to your doctor about this, then you need to. Only a medical doctor can tell you for sure what is going on.
  • Do you ankles swell too? if so it could be water retention :)
  • I don't have an answer for you, but it has been happening to me for about 2 months now. did you find anything out? My hands are fine through the day, but in the morning my hands and fingers are swollen and it takes awhile for me to be able to make a fist with my right hand.
  • I have this happening now and again. I was told many years ago not lean on my elbows as I have exposed nerves there which affect my fingers with a numbing result. It feels similar to this in the mornings.
  • This happend to many and my doctor told me it was way too much sodium in my diet which makes you puff out. I cut back on the sodium an drank more water and no more swelling.
  • As long as your hand in not numb or tingely everymorning you are probably fine. This could be happening due to too much sodium in your diet, make sure you watch the salt in your food and drink plents of water. It has happened to me before, and i had a friend of mine who could never get enough of salt in her food, and she would wake up with swollen hands and a very swollen face to a point where her face looked like someone had beatten her up during the night.
  • its probably fluid retention
  • Two things come to mind, food allergies and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have both, but I'm finding that the food allergies are causing the carpal tunnel. As long as I don't eat the things I'm allergic to, my hands don't swell and my circulation doesn't get cut off.
  • Click here: Sclerodactyly (Tight, Hardened Fingers) Check out Sclerodactyly or Scleroderma And carpal tunnel syndrome And Fibromyalgia And herniated/prolasp dics in neck And for some more suppose to be rare things check out:
  • perhaps you were struck by something like a hammer while sleeping.
  • Does the swelling go when you move your fingers? maybe bad circulation water retention?
  • Your pregnant.
  • Best advice, Go see your family doctor!

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