• Scotland. Of course the places I visit are usually populated almost exclusively by my relatives so its possible the experience might be different for others ;)
  • This is going to sound dumb, but answerbag. Any other messageboards and things of the like, all you see is noob this noob that, and no one pays attention to the new guy. Everyone is nice and doesnt judge here. Pretty cool I must say.
  • Lots of places, I find on my travels that if you smile and are nice to people anywhere they are usually very happy to welcome you. One very welcoming place I found is Margarita Island, Venezuela. The Turkish people are very welcoming but it is unfair to pick out a few in many many wonderful people
  • the fellowship group we attend at church, and more specifically, the bible study we're part of from that group. they were so welcoming, and we always get a phone call if we're not there. i got so much assistance when i was on bedrest with my most recent pregnancy from those folks... we're very blessed to have them as friends.
  • Ireland. If you want to experience a real welcome visit Ireland. I'm English and I was there at the height of the Troubles and never felt anything other than welcome.
  • my bar :)
  • Anywhere in Texas.
  • i've been to churches that welcomed me with open arms when i was interested in their religion... the people weren't so friendly later on. :(
  • at my college everyone is so nice and welcoming i love it there
  • Inis Mor, one of the Aron Islands of the coast of Galway in Ireland, people are so relaxed and friendly, love it, and they all speak Irish, gives you a great sense of pride.
  • sounds like you re describing any of the outports in Newfoundland ,the people there are the friendliest i ve ever seen anywhere.
  • Church
  • Generally every where people are nice. If you treat them with respect and execute good manners towards them they are usually always pleasant.
  • Almost everywhere I go people are generally friendly. In fact, people here are famous for being friendly.
  • Right here, baby. I have so much fun and have made some really good friends. I don't know what I'd do without you guys.
  • Edinburgh Scotland has got to be the friendliest place I've ever been to (Dublin is a close second). Been there twice now, and I was amazed. My wife and I got married there (we are from the states), and our first night we went to a pub, we were not familiar with trivia nights. But when we told the pub keeper we were about to get married, he announced it. The trivia master took us from pub to pub all night. I don't think we paid for a thing that night. The day we got married, we went to a pub afterward, and the guy asked why we were dressed up. We told him we had just gotten married about 15 minutes ago and I though he was going to cry! Just a bunch of really nice folk in the UK!
  • Israel, Ireland and Holland, great people.
  • I think DISNEY WORLD! Everyone is filled with the disney magic and is just so happy, and so are their kids. The people at the front of the parks welcome you with great pleasure to have you in their park.

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