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  • Personally I like the table. So I can eat my dinner off his bare back
  • A lot of Domme's like having their slave as a party snack table, so when their guests come over, some of the snacks are laid out on his back for people to enjoy.
  • an ironing table will be good.if u are a nice mistress set it on low so ur slave can enjoy a massage while serving you.if u r sadistic set it on max but it's dangerous game
  • I use them as a coatrack if they have misbehaved... It really hurts keeping your arms up that long. My favorite is either the snack table or footstool.
  • I have been used as a coat and purse holder during one of my wife’s shop at home type parties. All of her friends thought that I was very useful.
  • I confess- it is one of my favorite fetishes - but i also like the extreme one's of that fetish. I was used as a foot stool already and also as a human carpet. But in my dream i would love to be a human hat stand.... that would be great ;-) - in tghe way my other fetish ( i have a clothes, especially worn clothes fetish) woul be satisfied also...... But i forget the answer: human furniture is a fetish in that humans are used as furniture: You can find examples here: and also here:
  • My girlfriend often uses me for a footstool. She particularly enjoys having me lie across the bed and then put her feet on top of my face while she lies down. This is a great way to get your feet over your heart for an hour or so. An alternate method would be to have your legs bent at the knee, possibly with your ankles tied to your hips. Then she can sit on your pelvis and use your legs as a backrest. I suggess tying some cushions to the sub's legs. Adds to the feeling of bondage as well as making the backrest more comfy. :) Her feet can then either rest on your face or she can just drape her legs over you while she relaxes and watches tv.
  • Usual would be that women use their slave as a footstool under the table. Also quite usual it is to use their back with a seat cushion when they are on all fours as a seat during a party. This happens quite often if seats get short for the ladies or girls. Often two women can sit on such a seat. Andof course the back of slave is useful as a table.
  • Being a human furniture on a party for ladies can be quite amusing. I one was a chair being on all my fours and the ladies used me as their seat. It is not very hard even if two ladies take place on my back but in this position which is quite convenient I could watch very well the whole party and all the ladies, although I mostly could see only their legs and feet. A little more uncomfortable it is beeing a footstool under the table because in this position I could see nothing but feet and series of women were placing their feet on my back and even my neck and some wated to have their feet kissed. I only could see feet and not the person. But it is a nice kick and women see to love it.

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