• Rough mannered insensitive over-macho cow boys. Mostly republican & support their agenda. Have a really bad southern accent and mispronounce words no one else would: example: Klein TX is pronounced as Clean TX. This answer in no way reflects the opinions of the answerer nor do they not reflect the answerer's opinions.
  • That everyone wears a cowboy hat, dips snuff, has an oil or gas well in their yard or knows the Ewings.
  • Own a pickup (or two....or three) Southern accent as kevin said Love to spend time on the ranch Love downhome cooking Love beef Usually very religious(normally catholic) Raised with good manners towards their elders Overzealous. Not trying to be offensive but those are the stereotyped I know of. Oh ya: Every person over the age of 6 has at least one gun.
  • They have false nails and big hair
  • They carry guns everywhere and drink a lot.
  • Tejas, Tejas
  • They grow up to be president... No, I'm joking. I don't believe in stereotypes and would love to answer this question, but I care too much about others' feelings and how they'd perceive my answer to give one without feeling guilty and mean. Sorry.
  • The guys all look like the Marlboro Man and the women like Farrah Fawcett.
  • they are all hicks and drive pick ups
  • haha i loves these well one thing is for sure,people from the "city" do not have southern accents. but in some places,well actually a lot of places,they do. it just depends on where you are in Texas. the only people i know that talk about guns are the little hood kids running around,and their accents are far from southern.
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  • Texans own Ford trucks. If they do not, they all live on farms or ranches, and a horse is the main form of transportation. They slaughter words, and use nonsensical contractions, like "a'int" and "y'all". They eat three square meals of barbeque a day. There are many catholics (Bible Belt). If they are not catholics, they are either mega-liberals (Austin), mega-technological (any major Texas city), or are athiest hicks that do indeed ride horses. Sometimes they do wear jeans from Cavenders, along with cowboy boots and hats (maybe even spurs! oh boy!). If they live in rural areas, over 60% of men have copious amounts of facial hair. And of course, on our farms, we have at least one dog. (Don't kill me, I'm a Texan ;_; Just observing stereotypes.)

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