• Technically the water is the purest you can find being dilstilled water but since you can't be sure how clean the surfaces of the insides of your machine are, it might not be safe. Let's say if you sterilized your dehumidifier, maybe or if there was a way you could get to the water without it touching the coils or whatever else is in there. But since you can't, it isn't deemed safe enough. Though if you commonly drink out of streams and rivers, I think I'd rather risk my dehumidier than giardia.
  • Water collected from any dehumidifier is technically distilled water in that it does not contain minerals and other particulates that are removed in a true distillation process. However, a true distillation process condenses the steam of boiled water, and the boiling process kills any microbes and fungi that may be present in the pre-distilled water. Since the surface coils in a dehumidifier are not kept to food-grade cleanliness, microbes and fungi can (and probably do) exist in the collected water and it is therefore not considered safe to drink. In fact, as the water may sit for a while in the collection bucket, the water may be quite stale.
  • i don't know if anyone has been watching the new show THE COLONY on discovery channel, but they showed how layering a barrel with charcoal and sand with coal at the bottom and topping off with sand purifies dirty water. i recommend drilling holes on the bottom of the barrell and placing a fine grain filter at the bottom, and using atleast 4 layers of each atleast a few inches deep each layer, and if you want for extra percaution a filter on every other layer and if you want to be extra safe you can boil the water too. i know it seems like a lot of work, but like they say " better safe then sorry". i do advise looking into before trying. also there is a website that sells water purifying capsules and syrup filtering kits, just click on the water button and you can see what all they have to offer. i personally think it is a great survival site, i actually ordered the capsules and syrup kits. just waiting for them to arrive. hope this info helps.
  • I wouldn't drink it but I use it to water the plants
  • In a word; NO ... +5
  • It has no minerals since it is the same as distilled water. However, I would boil it first. Any impurities in the air would collect on the coils of the dehumidifier with the water and would be in the water that runs down into the collector.

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