• Yes, definitely, and if you use it too much, it will cause the top layer of your gums to come off in a white film, probably because they've been burned.
  • I've heard it does dry out your gums. I have friends who use it for bad breath, since it sure kills out the bacteria that causes it. But after using it for a while they started feeling their mouths extremly dried out. I was also using it to kill my bad breath but after I heard what it caused to them I decided to stop.
  • I have been using it for quit sometime and haven't noticed dry mouth as a matter of fact that is why I use it because I had dry mouth and that causes bad breath. Since I started using baking soda and peroxide to brush and using diluted peroxide to gargle I have seen a huge difference.
  • Use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and dilute with equal amount of water to get 1.5% concentration. Then use it as mouthwash for up to 60 seconds. I saw a dentist on tv personally recommend this as an alternative to alcohol based mouthwashes, as they dry out the mouth and allow high levels of bateria to grow. I have been using it and feel it works very well, just be careful not to burn your mouth. If you feel pain, either your concentration is too high, or your rinsing for too long. Concentration and contact time is what is important to kill bacteria and not your oral tissue.
  • Are you people serious? Simply read the back of the bottle--it says dilute by 50% and use as an oral debrider. Read the f***ing bottle, for crissakes. My god the level of stupidity in this world is breathtaking.
  • I've been using it at 3% without consequence, not every day and I do rinse with plain water just after.
  • Don't be stupid. It's only use in the mouth is for tooth whitening by professionals in tiny doses.

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