• He needs to refinance the home without you as a co-signer. There is virtually no other way.
  • That sucks! Have you seen a Lawyer?
  • God that's terrible.
  • Wow I guess it goes deeper than I thought! I can imagine how you say he tore you apart. I would be torn as well but now you know you will never go down that road again. Easy for me to say I know but did everything work out? I still have back taxes from two years ago after I paid for her rehab for drinking, the divorce, and half of the taxes and I still got screwed. Nothing I can do now but at least I know I don't ever want to be in that position ever again. How long ago was this? Norm
  • Wow! That sucks! I'm really sorry! That work out for you ok with the morgtage?
  • Wow. What a jacka$$. Mine did the same thing, but after 3 years and fortunately the house was in my name only. Oh, and no kids *woohoo!* But Darryl61 is right--not much except get him to refinance :P
  • is stop paying too simple?
  • Hey SassyAss, he has to refinance the house, and put it in his name only. First, you can need sign a quitclaim deed, that may be used where one spouse (grantor) is disclaiming any interest in property that the other spouse (grantee) owns. I know your not married, but this should still be applicable. Use whatever means possible to get him, to sign this quitclaim.
  • Tell him you want to QUIT CLAIM the deed to him and have him refinance so he has 100% ownership in the property. If he is unresponsive you could go to court and get the judge to force the issue or (not as nice) you could tell him you are going to run up a boat load of debt, not pay it and then your creditors will put a lien on the house.
  • You need to have him refinance the mortgage before he manages to destroy your credit on top of everything else. A quit claim will only remove your name from title. It will remain on the mortgage documents until it is paid in full (through a refiance) or sent into foreclosure. All late payments by him will be reported on YOUR credit report. ANY default will also be recorded on your credit history. MAKE HIM REFINANCE NOW! Your future is at stake.
  • This is some serious shit LEE! for the next few months stay away from boyfriends with mortgage papers in their back pockets. <hope you worked it out> ;)
  • You mean your name is on both the mortgage and the deed. Your concern is stop paying mortgage will ruin your credit. Actually forclosure will ruin both of you. He will keep up with the mortgage even you don't contribute. There is nothing to worry. When the market comes back, you shall sale your half to him with a fair equity. Unfortunately you made a deal with him already. If it is not in writen, you can negotiate it still. Without emotional attachment, this is pure business. You shall treat it as investment.
  • Sell the house
  • WHOA! Don't be in such a rush! He probably wants to keep the house. Can he afford the payments? The house has probably gone up in value and you also have equity in the house. If you quit claim you are losing any investment you have. It doesn't matter who put the down payment(if any): everything is split down the middle. Check the ASSESSED value through the county assessor and the market value and get an idea of what the house is worth. Figure out what your share of the equity is. Now figure out what half of the difference of the new value (if any)is. (Say it's worth 10,000 more now.) That means you should get your equity plus 5,000. That is what you've got going to the table. If he wants to keep the house he will have to make a deal with you. Otherwise he will have to sell the house. Don't give up your investment without exploring this option. I hope you get this in time.
  • your skrewed
  • The only way is a refinance/pay off or selling the house.
  • call the mortgage company and talk to them. they will do a credit check on him to see if he can qualify on his own you have to talk to him too. the mortgage company will charge a fee for this you will also have to go to the title company and insurance company to have your name remove. if he doesn't want to cooperate put the fear of god tell him you are getting a lawyer and sue his ass for breach of contract.
  • Contact your lender and attorney asap
  • Probably nothing. Banks don't just take co-signers off loans. You are extra security for them. If you're like most people, your house is worth less than the loan - so selling's not a good option. Credit it tight - but you can try to refinance. But he was to be willing for any of these options. You willingly entered into a business arrangement with your ex-man and the bank. All 3 parties need to be willing to change that arrangement. And cheating has nothing to do with business. Good luck. +5
  • You need to find a local real estate attorney. It may cost youo, but it may be worth it to save your credit.

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