• If this is a maths exam and you can't work it out I would say you've failed.
  • There's not enough information in the question to tell, but I'm going to guess that your first and semesters count for (100-14)/2 = 43 percent each. Given that: In your first semester you got 66% of the 43 percent of your final grade available = 28.38% In your second semester you go 67% of the 43 percent of your final grade available = 28.81% So you have currently got 57.19% towards your final grade. You need to get an additional 8.81%. The most you can get is 14% 8.81 is 62.93% of 14 You need to get 62.93% on your final. I'm a bit suprised by how much lower that is so I'll work it out another way. If you did 66% on each section, you'd pass. You did an average of an extra 0.5% over 86% of the year, so you can afford to drop 0.5% over 86% of a year, or 1% over 43% of a year, or 43% over 1% of a year, or (43/14)% over 14% of a year. 66-(43/14) = 62.93% EDIT: I thought of another way to do it. The final only counts for 14% - about 1/7th. The first two semesters counted for about 6/7ths: about 6 times as much, therefore the 0.5% average you gained in the first two semesters, is worth six times as much as a similar amoount in the final: or 3%, so you can drop 3% in the final = 63%ish.
  • my grade is now 66 percent how much I need to get in my final to make it to 75 at list
  • with 66% in the class how much I need to pass the class if the final is worth 90 points?

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