• You can terminate parental rights and hand him over to the state if you wish to do so.
  • duplicate.
  • He can either declare himself independent or you can give him up to foster care. Or, you can try to plant some weed on him and call in an anonymous tip.....
  • You can't just kick him out of the house, but there are legal avenues for just this kind of situation. He can either get emancipated, or you can forego your parental rights and turn him to the state, which will be irreversible.
  • You can't kick him out without giving him to the state or getting him emancipated. I think in most states you have to be 17 to get emancipated though. Basically, you have to give up parental rights to him. You can't legally be his guardian and kick him out at 16. Also, to get emancipated, he'd have to already have a stable job for some time and I think you also need to have a place to live set up. It's a long process.
  • Do that and you can be arrested for child neglect my mother tried that one on me all i did was went to the nearest pay phone and called 911 and was loving every word out of that officers mouth. and once he is 18 years old you have to get an eviction notice. in the state of florida you are not allowed to remove any one that has 14 days+ living some where even if they haven't payed rentand if they have personal belongings in the residence like tooth brush, under-wear, etc.

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