• Possibly yes, but definitely a person that needs psychological attention. This is called self-mutilation.
  • yes and could be an early sign that they want attention...kind of like a last cry for help....and no...because it could be a mutilation disorder....
  • No - cutting is usually a way of doing one of two things. However, it is often tied with problems that lead to suicide, so it is correlational, but there is no indication that one is always linked with the other. One, a lot of people get into cutting because they are deep in depression, when you get extremely depressed you become very numb and cutting is often a way for people to feel something because they feel so lost in the numb haze that is depression. Two, some people cut to relieve a manic pressure - a buildup of mental energy, like when you are bipolar and swinging up on one of the highs. I knew a girl who cut herself for attention, because she was neglected and abused. This may be a third reason, but I think that mostly people cut themselves for a more personal type of relief. If you or anyone you know is cutting yourself, it is an indication of a severe problem, whatever the reason may be. Seek out help, in the whatever from you are willing to trust, a school counselor, psychiatrist, trusted manager at work, or even a teacher or neighbor, or the parents of the person doing it. I used to have this problem, and I also have a minor in psychology. If you'd like to email me just to talk or ask any questions my email is in my profile.
  • No, depends on where they cut and how deep. They could just be a cutter, someone who wounds themselves. They do need attention and soon. It's a cry for help and should not be ignored.
  • Some people just want attention. Others use it as a sort of "high". It delivers a certain rush of adreniline. Or at least, that's what I'm told (there was an emo girl in my algebra class last year who had an arguement about whether pot or cutting was a better high). But these people often have psychological problems. So get them some help.
  • Not at all cutting is just a coping mechanism it helps you deal with your emotions it helps you exactly not to commit suicide at least in my case it has helped me.
  • Often times cutting is a feel something besides nothing..or sad or whatever..its used as a mental/physical means to feel anything but what you are currently experiencing..Put down the knife scissors glass or whatever..pick up the phone..and ask for help..reach out..someone will reach back to you
  • Cutting "gets rid" of pain. Cutting releases hormones that makes your body and mind focus on the cut and nothing else. so the problem that was cut over is no longer the focus instead the body is focusing on the cut. Cutting can become "addictive" because of this quality, its just like tanning beds and anything else that makes your body release hormones, it can be addictive. Suicidal related? Not always true. Someone can cut for years before actually wanted to kill themselves. To some the cutting makes them feel alive, agian the hormone release. Death isnt always a joined thought when cutting.
  • it doesnt make them suicidal unless their intention was to die. i dont know much about people who cut themselves, but from what i can gather its a form of release for them. like for a split second it makes them feel better. but then they feel guilty and feel down depressed again so they are stuck in a vicious circle.
  • Not at all! Cutting is a meathod - good or bad meathod, that's debatable, and I'm not going into detail about it seeing as how I've not time - but cutting is a meathod to get RID of pain, not to increase it, thought it can often times lead to a feeling of being numb and more dead then before. I don't like cutting, but if it KEEPS someone - for a time at least - from going over the edge, I'm fine with it. Cutting doesn't make you sucuidal. Wanting to kill yourself does.
  • I think that there are some great answers here. It is self-destructive, but so are so many other coping mechanisms we use, abuse, and overuse, prescription drugs for every single symptom in our lives, over eating, comfort foods, alcohol, illegal drugs, over work, and the list goes on. Some are very obvious and obviously hurtful. Somehow we all need to find healthier ways of getting by. Unfortunately, these take a lot of "soul-work" and usually require outside help. But it is worth it.
  • If they were truly suicidal, it may only happen once before they succeed. Otherwise, it is for attention. Or as an antidepressant.
  • Sometimes yes and sometimes no,most people who do this just want attention, but then they get addicted to the rush of cutting them selves.I think people like this need help.And not all of them are emo weirdo's.
  • Not necessarily..Cutters are usually lost in their heads & thoughts to even think about seeking professional help themselves. They are hoping that by someone noticing the cuts & burns, would initiate the help they may want but are too ashamed or prideful to ask for help or to accept that there is more going on that they don't understand or can comprehend. People who cut themselves are emotionally damaged inside..its such a deep rooted hurt that they may not even know where its coming might be something in their past that is hard to even face, or be so traumatic taht they don't want to face it..I think that is why so many do not seek counseling because of the stigma of being a mental case or just wanting some form of attention. I would take it serious though if you know someone that practices this self loathing act. They aren't going to give you a straight up answer why they do, but just that they do. I find that most cutters have been either emotionally, sexually &/or physically abused in some form or another & have found a way to cope with the trauma by subconsiously blaming themselves & taking back the control that was taken from them. This is just my opinion...
  • not always. some ppl cut to not commit suicide and sometimes it is an addiction and others it is because you have pain

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