• Go to any electronics store, walmart, or the video game store, and buy a dvd lens cleaner (it looks like a disk with a little brush on it). Also, try blowing it out with a can of air, and finally, use a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol or lens cleaner to wipe off the laser if you can see it without taking apart the console. If none of these things work, take it to a computer repai shop, they really are less expensive than people would think.
  • Well yeah you can do what Morgenstern said or ou could just buy a psp lens mechanism with the spinner thing on ebay like for 10 bucks. It happened to me like 3 times.
  • A DVD lens cleaner will not help. The PSP uses UMDs, not DVDs. To my knowledge, there isn't a UMD lens cleaner. If your PSP is not reading discs, this is the part that probably needs to be replaced: It's the part that spins and reads the discs.
  • try opening the door where you put the disk in and blow on that area (you can use a compressed air can, too) also check if the batteries are fully charged, and try putting a disk in when the psp is plugged in. (the power light will flash when it's time to recharge the batteries) make sure the case that the little cd is in is not cracked or otherwise damages, this has happened to several of my games If none of these tips work, then your PSP is probably broken :(
  • Don't bother with any cleaners! I hate it when Electronics, Go to Shite!! Buy a new one from WallMart or some place big like that & Put the broken one in the newly purchased PSP packaging Now go return it & got your money back!
  • CLEAN MOTOR (ALSO CLEAN MOTOR WHILE IT IS SPINNING)AND LASER WITH A Q-TIP AND RUBBING ALCOHOL. Turn on your PSP and remove any UMD that might be in there now. If you open up the UMD door and look down inside you will see the Laser assembly. If you look to the left there is a black tab that sticks up, this tells the PSP that there is a UMD in the drive. If you press this down with a small probe, you should see the disc motor spin (CLEAN MOTOR WHEN SPINNING)and the laser light up red *** CAUTION DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY AT THE LASER ***
  • hmm, yup i've heared of this problem before. i think it's beacuse your son plays download games and what he tryed to do was to play a official game which you can't do. the only way to fix this is by rebootting the whole psp. the are two ways you can do this buy a reboot CD form the internet for the psp or try what this guy done on the link below.
  • use a q tip and some rubbing alcohol 90% to gently clean the lens inside the psp, if that doesn't work and it cannot read any games, the laser needs to be replaced. Contact Sony about your warranty or find a gaming shop that repairs systems or look for places on the net that offers a repair service. I repair gaming systems daily, The laser dying or being dirty are the most common problems with systems
  • change the parental control level settings it is just a psp error but it can be fixed turn on the psp gointo settings go down to security settings and change the level down to level 1 if thant doesent work try rubbing alcohaul hope i helped

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