• I think I'm polite and will say 'thank you'naturally anyway.Obviously some people say 'say thank you' to be annoying and that drives me mad and is rude.Is this a connection to your screen name of thankless?!
  • I think that they really want one. I make my son say it until it becomes a habit but if someone else doesn't say it then I let it go. I'm not raising them.
  • Like demand how? Like a present? I think the thank you should match the deed. Like if I took in a child for a weekend to babysit them, I should get more than a thank you. But if I just showed some courtesy, a verbal thank you would be sufficient.
  • Demand? Or expect? People are right to expect a thank you in return for a gift or favor. I think it's impolite to demand a thank you - it puts the demander into the same category as the person who should have thanked and did not. Personally, I feel a little sad when I go to some effort to do something nice for someone and I never hear whether they liked it. I generally let it go, though.
  • The ability to say please, thank you etc is desireable in all humans but not all have this ability. But at the same time the ability to do a good deed or nice thing for someone and not expect thanks is also a desireable ability but once again, not something that all people are capable of. In some circumstances demanding politeness is acceptable - it's an embarassing thing for someone to say to another 'Aren't you going to thank me for xyz?' But then there are also people who think the world should be thankful to them 24-7. It goes both ways.
  • I think they expect people to at least let them know that their contribution is appreciated.
  • I don't think someone should demand a thank you. A thank you shows appreciation and is the polite thing to do, but, seems to me if it is recieved due to a demand for it, it lessens the worth of it. If that makes sense.

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