• There's advantages and disadvantages to all methods of buying a car. I could debate them with you for hours... It all comes down to customer preference. Some will pay a premium to not be hassled, while some crave negotiation. Some want to customize the hell out of their cars and some know nothing more than "I turn the key, press a pedal, and it goes!". From your perspective there may be a disadvantage, but even using your example, if they were selling cars at a disadvantage to customers how would they stay in business? Demand breeds supply.
  • I bought my last car from Carmax. It was easy, the price was competitive, and the service excellent - the entire thing took less than 3 hours (not including time I spent online looking for my car) I HATE negotiating for a car - I always feel like I was screwed... and have buyer's remorse. No problems with CarMax.
  • I sisn't buy my last car at CarMax, but the one just precious to it, I did. I thought the service was excellent, friendsly and professional. I got a great car that lasted me yesrs without any major maintance problems! I would buy there again.
  • It depends on how much BS you can stomach from a dealer. You might save a few hundred (particularly on a trade-in) as long as you're willing to hear the manager go on about the wholesaler, the "total deal," his kids' tuition and his bad back. And you have to be willing to go home and hold out for your offer, or look elsewhere and go through the same routine again.

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