• If this person is truly a friend, why not just talk to them about what's bothering you and try to salvage the friendship? You might help that person grow if it's done with kindness.
  • I you want to get rid of them they are probably not your friend. Stop or avoid contact for while if you can't tell them they are crowding you.
  • you could punch them, that might make them a little less clingy
  • Stop showering
  • Hide in the cupboard
  • Get really drunk and be hungover in the day time, sleep all of the time and rarely ever give out where you live. It fuels clingy friend's obsessions, I don't know how to but this is kind of working. It seems though like I'm losing, how can you give the hint to someone who doesn't get it to cool it?
  • tell them to P* off.
  • I have had a clingy friend for 25 years. We moved 500 miles because of my husband's company. She can't come over, but she calls at least 5 times a day. I don't want to hurt her feelings so I always blame my kids or husband just to get off the phone. Sometimes my husband will say out loud so she can hear "you're on my time"! She laughs and hangs up.
  • when she wants to hang out just tell her you got other plans and keep doing that and she'll get the message, personally, i wish i had more friends to hang with

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