• I haven't seen the movie but I have the audio cd's from the book. I highly recomend it.
    • Venus1485
      I disagree.
  • Ive seen it, and it is as impressive as anyother pep talk or selfhelp movie out there, it does teach a good philosophy, but it doesn't contain the miracle secret it proclaims. Actually if you want to know the philosophy of what the Secret is about, it is the philosophy of the "power of intention", intention is the supposed ultimate factor in our lives, our intentions are the seeds we plant today, to manifest into our dreams of tommorrow. Many new age religous sects proclaim it as a new age philosophy, but in fact, it's been around for centurys since the dawn of critical thinking and logical reasoning. PBS aired a special called "The Power of Intention" with a very kind gentlemen by the name of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a good friend of Deepak Chopra's. They both have been preaching the power of intention throughout the world for years, and the basic principles and philosophy "The Secret" teaches, The Secret, translates, with the same principles and philosphy's of Dr. Dyer and Dr. Chopra, who have been introducing these principles and philosophy's into Western Culture for much of their careers. These are ancient teachings descendent of Vedic and Hinduism, both of which philosophy's and culture I admire. Save yourself $50 bucks, and watch "The Power of Intention with Dr. Wayne Dyer" here; Part 1; Part 2;
  • Very interesting. It's about "The Law of Attraction". In other words, you are responsible for what happens in your life - the people you meet etc, because due to your very thoughts you attract certain things. I attract a select type of people. I attract the deeply emotional and kind hearted, the people who need support, the logical and reasoned, and finally - I also attract the kind of people who harm others. Its difficult to decide what I really want to attract.
  • No, I do not want to waste time watching it. I have read about the book, and it is worthless. It is similar to wishes coming true in fairy tales for small children. There is no Law of Attraction. The Universe is coldly indifferent to us. There is no consciousness in it that helps us. Wishing is as useless as praying. There are no gods or other things that care what you want. The real way to solve your problems and achieve your goals is to think about them and work toward them long and hard.
  • ive never seen it
  • No, but I have real reviews of the book, and it is worthless. I certainly wouldn't recommend it at all. The Law of attraction isn't scientific.
  • not yet

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