• Its human nature. If we wouldn't feel sad then one is god. The thing is not to worry and let yourself down. And believe in hope.
  • Well, I can know that all of my loved ones will eventually die (this is true, everyone dies), but that doesn't mean that I don't feel a loss when one does die. I feel sadness at the loss of that person in my life. We can also feel sadness at people who fail to see where their actions are leading before something happens. We can feel sad because we hoped that something would happen at the last minute to change the course.
  • i mean to say we always are affected by what is happening around us whether its happiness or sorrow. we r humanbeings. Being emotional is part of life. But whatever happens life goes on and so one should also move on.
  • sadness is something we all experience in life, that's life.. if there's never sadness, we probably wouldn't know what is true happiness.. let it be, dont think too much, dont worry too much for those who are sad, feel better soon!
  • we feel sad when we have certain expectations, either from life or from someone...and when our expectations are not met, we feel in short, if we cut off our expectations, our sorrows will be erased...think aboot it---No expectations, No sorrow !! :)
  • I think you first have to understand what sadness really is. I really struggle with understanding it from a evolutionary point of view (what survival purpose does it serve?). What does crying do for us? What does sadness do for us? What makes a situation sad, or why do I feel sadness in relation to certain situations? What exactly is sadness? Your question makes me think that depression, and probably anxiety are manifestations of the expectation of things that are going to be "bad" or "sad." And many people experience both. So why would so many of us experience this if it were not purpose driven? Thanks for encouraging me to think about this.
  • I dunno. Why?
  • I agree that sadness is a god given human emotion and we can't expect to live life without going through it at some point. I think that sadness is just as important feel as happiness. We learn what we valued that we lost, we learn what things are important to us and it may help us to refocus and find a greater purpose for living. I think it's rude to tell someone to move on when they are sad. It's a personal thing and may take some people longer to heal than others. Unfortunately, some people who are happy cannot tolerate the people who are sad because they can't empathize. That's ridiculous to say that we should not have expectations. What do you think an expectant mother would do if she couldn't expect her baby to be born healthy. We think positive and send affirmations for the ideal outcome. The unexpected thing is usually the devastating catastrophe that catches you by surprise. It's o.k. to feel the loss and the pain, it must be as god intended. Gail
  • Sadness is just a constant state of being for many of us. We just get used to it. +2

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