• Trip to Paris + Wine
  • Anywhere with clear water, great drinks, great food and beautiful women in which I could be romantic with.. :)
  • Umm.. a tropical island with booze and plenty of sex and music then more sex...
  • I like to visit a public garden, have a good lunch at a sandwich deli, do a little shoe shopping, then go home in time to watch a little football on TV, then the rest is private.
  • dubai.
  • Amsterdam walking along the red light district sucking a cannabis lolly it was a great laugh oh and romantic.
  • G'day Queen Distructo, Thank you for your question. Anywhere where you and your partner have plenty of quality time together with good food, good wine and good weather. Regards
  • At dusk on an Island where the water is Blue and the sand is white, after a couple of drinks talking to my man. Afterwards heading in for a bubble bath and wine together... the rest is history.
  • Something somewhat isolated, perhaps in a natural setting such as in a forest. Perhaps staying at a remote modern cabin in the autumn. Some hiking on some long, but not too taxing trails during the day. Having lunch at a vista overlooking a valley below. Seeing some waterfalls and taking a break at one in the late afternoon. Arriving back at the cabin before dark, hitting a hot tub, showering then cooking up some steaks for dinner to be enjoyed with a nice bottle of wine. The early to bed. :) That would make for a romantic weekend getaway.
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