• G'day Kuyakev, Thank you for your question. He is for mine. There certainly aren't many better players in the NBA. He has set numerous records and made the All-Star team nine years in a row. The Los Angeles Lakers would struggle without Kobe Bryant. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Reference Wikipedia Kobe Bryant NBA ESPN Baseball Reference
  • Because he has it all. He has a 3 point shot, a jumpshot and an inside game. He also is a great defender when he feels like being one. I personally believe he is the best clutch player in the NBA as well.
  • It's simple, He's clutch, he's an impact defender, deadly behind the arch and abusive in the paint, takes advantage of size with smaller defenders and speed with bigger defenders, he's like a werewolf on the court he can smell blood and when he does he attacks and the defender is left wondering what happned, He is the best in the league right now and will go down as one of the top 15 and most likely top 10 greatest players alltime(he also is second in history with 81 points in one game and now holds the record for fastest player to reach 21000 points)
  • Right now? Yeah I think. Does he really average six assists per game? Wow, I think that's quite high for a superstar like him!
  • No, he is not the best player in the NBA. He is currently the best individual TALENT in the NBA, but the NBA Championship is awarded to teams, not individuals. For all of Kobe's individual brilliance, he doesn't get the proverbial "it". He does not understand how to meld his brilliance with the talents of his teammates in a way that elevates their contributions. That's what separates the truly transcendent players from the great ones. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the two best I've ever seen. Steve Nash has it. Tim Duncan has it. LeBron James has it. Kevin Garnett has it. Dwayne Wade seems to have it. Jason Kidd definitely has it. So, right now I'd say Kevin Garnett is the best player in the NBA, with LeBron James and Tim Duncan close on his heels. Kobe falls somewhere in that 4-5-6 range. . .
  • No, I don't see it that way. He's got a lot of good hype and press, but he hasn't made the plays to support that hype. He reminds me a lot of Webber and Reggie Miller - guys who the media talked big about but who leave you wondering - where'd this come from? He also reminds me of a guy named Brad that I used to play against. Brad loved to take tough shots. He'd miss 3 out of 4, but man when he made that 1 everybody would get excited. That's Kobe's game. He flings a lot of bad shots out there and the media runs the replay of the one that goes in. That doesn't sway me. I'd rather have Duncan, Nash, James, Wade (healthy), Garnett, or Howard. I don't know if anyone can beat him in a game of horse, but without O'Neal he hasn't made it out of the first round. And when he came close, he brought a thunderous 1 point in the second half of game seven. That's not what the best does.
  • Duh. LeBron starts to post more, get that 15 footer automatic..make the 3 when he takes it..rises to the occation in the clutch..and get that killer instinct, they soon will be neck and neck..oh yeah, when he wins the championship..Wades consistancy henders him, he's a super close 3rd though.. how lucky are we that these guys are only 29, 23, and 24!!!
  • Yes...Kobe is the best player in the NBA...and will be top 10 greatest once his career is over...maybe even top 5 if he can lead the Lakers to prominance...Kobe Bryant is a deadly shooter, his range is impeccable,he can post up,not to mention has what i call "the million doller fadaway",he is a lockdown defender, a very great blocker and not to mention that killer instinct that alot of players wish they had...Kobe is hands down the most skilled,most clutch player and simply the best player in the NBA today

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