• I think so. If the age of majority is 18 in your state, your parents aren't legally responsible for you and don't have legal control of you. So really, even if you're still in high school, you should be allowed to move out and enroll yourself into a school with or without parental consent. I'd check with the school you want to enroll into first though.
  • Experience I had in my state: After turning 18 my brother had a problem and quit high school. After I talked some sense into him he decided that he should not quite school . We called the school and was told that he would have to re-enroll because they had finalized him leaving school however because he was 18 (legally an adult) they could no longer enroll him into highschool. Presumably because because the majority of high school students are minors. I assume, but not certain, this would be true anywhere in the US.

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