• Chris Rock had the best answer.... make each bullet cost $100.... someone would really deserve to have a cap on their arse to spend a full load.
  • People would find a way to make their own bullets. As with anything illegal, if there is a will, there is a way. Even if guns were outlawed, there would still be gun deaths. Even if every gun to have ever existed were somehow found and destroyed, people would still kill each other. They did before and most likely always will.
  • gun control is wrong, stupid, illegal, impractical and impossible. Gun control is, after all, hitting your target. My wife, the now retired police sniper (sharpshooter), believes in one shot, one kill, so she wouldn't need many bullets.
  • Perhaps. But falling off tall bldgs, stabbings, and pool drownings may go up.....
  • bullets are too easy to make/get hold of illegally
  • No, you can make your own ammo. Most hunters do all the time. And I'm sure that the losers who use guns wrongly could figure it out as well. Plus when you start making your own, you can really up the powder and the power. Watch out!
  • There are already plenty of people in America who make their own bullets. It's really not that hard. Banning bullets would only make criminals steal or make bullets. Something tells me that most gangbangers are not buying ammunition at the local sporting goods store to begin with.
  • A person technically owns a gun if he owns stock in a company that deals with them in some way (company might hire security guards for example), so restricting gun ownership is a bad idea. Restricting gun possession on the other hand is a good idea, but it should just be restricted from criminals and from crazies. Responsible people have a right to self-defense and we don't want to create a black market for guns. Measuring the efficacy of gun control policies based solely on gun deaths also isn't a good idea. Death is death. If people start using other weapons instead and the same amount of people wind up dead that's not progress.
  • That reminds me of a Chris Rock joke: "I think all bullets should cost $5,000, then there would be no more innocent by standers...". Basically if bullets had more control, like costing more for example, it would keep people from shooting them around so frivolously.
  • I don't think so. I feel that deterrence is a powerful force here. If gun laws were less strict, more people would own guns, subsequently people might not be so quick to shoot someone if they knew they were likely to be shot back in return.+2

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