• Other than being allowed the same rights as those that are not Gay, it should be no different than anyone else's.
  • Why do we need a seperate nation? It sounds close to the idea of putting the Jews on Madagascar during WWII. We live in the 21st century where bigotry should be confined to the historical dustbin and we as citizens of the world should grow the f*ck up.
  • I think it has to mirror "straight" society in all its forms. Some gay people have children so there would have to be ways of dealing with them. Roy G Biv would be their flag. If every serious gay person created a fund by pooling wealth into it, They could buy a fairly large island. It would probably have one of the lowest crime rates. Who would sell them the land and allow them to become a nation? Almost no one. Solution. They could build a floating island in international waters I suppose and build an Atlantis for themselves.
  • Is this to be a kind of apartheid. I do not understand why in this day and this century that it would be a necessity to separate people for any reason never mind sexual orientation.
  • You mean a nation populated and run entirely by happy people? Well, I imagine that it would be much the same as any other nation, except that everyone and everything would be bothersomely chipper and joyous. Besides, why should gay people need a seperate nation? We need all the gayness we can get, especially with wet blankets such as myself always bumming everyone out...
  • It would be interesting to see how long the nations population would last. The only means of reproducing would be artificially.

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