• Very carefully.
  • If you are talking about getting a piece of it to grow as a new place, then there are only some types that will work. Generally you need a plant that has nodes on the stems and have a length of the stem or branch near the tip which has new green growth. When I say green, I mean green stem and not green leaves. Many of them will grow roots on their own if you cut them and place in some sandy / loam soil mixture. You can also check here to learn more:
  • I don't know what the method is called, but you're going to need some things. Take those rock wool pellets that are split down one side and soak it. 25ml Rhizotonic and 10ml bio bizz root juice per 2gal water. find the tree, pick a limb that that looks healthy, count down three nods go about an inch down from third nod. Once you do that shave bark off 1 inch around limb. Take some rooting compound saturate. Then your rock wool that has been soaking goes around that. Take a clear piece of plastic and wrap it around the rock wool securing both ends with ties. Now play the waiting game. Once the roots start to show cut the branch off and plant it.

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