• A few weeks ago my mom made some. It was great because it was very thick, very flavorful, and very warm. When it's snowy out, that's all one can ask for. It feeds the soul.
  • I actually had a really ripping lentil soup around 2 months ago.
  • One hour ago. Campbells made it so well. Actually, my wife makes a good home made lentil soup too.
  • I made a very good one in the dead of winter last. It had some nice smoky ham in it, carrots, of course, garlic...secret ingredients too... and hey! Did you see There's supposed to be a lentil soup recipe on one of Paul's records...if you play it BACKWARDS....What will they think of next!
  • It's been a while... I had a decent bowl of lentil soup last christmas while I was visiting with one of my mum's old hippie friends, unfortunately I neglected to ask for the recipe, but it did have a very unique taste to it. I think it may have been ginger... Come to think of it, some lentil soup would really hit the spot right about now, excuse me while I go check the bean section of the pantry for lentils, wait, are lentils beans? Or do they get their own section?
  • i don't know if i've ever had lentil soup!
  • Its an old question, but hey I'll answer it! :) In Indian cuisine, lentils or 'dal' as we call it is a very popular. I had a very good bowl of lentil soup last Tuesday. My mom makes some great dal.
  • Last year. My mother made it in her slow cooker and it was thick and smooth with just a hint of liquid hickory smoke... wow.
  • about three months ago, my mom makes the BEST home made soups in the world, ( except potato, I make that) the next time she makes some Ill have her make an extra large batch and everyone here can try it and see if I am right or not.
  • Funny, I'm making lentil soup later. The last time I had it was probably last winter. I make wonderful red lentil soup.
  • Two days ago. We use French green lentils from the Berry region: "In France, Berry is the main region for green lentil production. The Berry green lentil, known for its chestnut-like flavor, boasts a "Red Label" - a mark granted to products of exceptional quality - as well as a Protected Geographic Identification designation, which gives producers the exclusive right to use the designation of origin for their lentils, in recognition of the link between the product and its terroir." Source:
  • I'm not sure I've ever had an outstanding one--I don't really like lentils. I can, however, think of one that makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time I remember it. Suffice it to say, my dad brought me the recipe and the recently slain caribou. The fresh, bloody meat really put it over the edge. That smell will be with me to my dying day.
  • 2 or 3 times per week ... I season it for the weather of the day ... the 3 "C" combo, Carrots, Cabbage, & Celery ... then a bit of tomato paste and some lemon juice, to give it a "tangy" taste.
  • Last spring I made some good soup. I always make a good stock to base the soup on, whether it is a veggie stock or a meat stock. I rarely use just water.
  • It's been a while since I had good lentil soup. And what made it great was that I made it myself and it is a yummy recipe. The last time I had it tho was out of a can, cuz I received it in a food hamper. Yuck is all I can say to that. LOL
  • my friend made some lentil soup last month and added some finely chopped smokey bacon to it - it tasted awsome
  • My lentil soups are delicious. My trick is that I use different lentils mixed as a base and I always add green peas and carrots when I am boiling the. After its cooked a dash of lime juice makes it a heavenly dish.

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