• Yes, Canada Day is celebrated every 1st of July and commemorates 01 July 1867, the date Canada was granted self-governing status as a confederation by the British North America Act. Previous to 1980, the holiday was known as "Dominion Day" since the common name of Canada was the "Dominion of Canada". It was officially changed to "Canada Day" on 27 October 1982. Interestingly enough, the term "Dominion of Canada" did not appear in the British North America Act (the governing document of Canada until 1982); although, it did appear in numerous other texts as well as on currency at the time.
  • Canada Day! My all time fav holiday.
  • Yes and no ... we celebrate the 1st of July as "Canada Day" (as mentioned by other previous answers), but we just politely asked to become our own nation, we did not have to fight a civil war to earn it ... we are also what is now refered to as a confederation of provinces and territorries, not a union of states ... so our national day has a much different meaning to us.
  • No. As they are still somewhat under the Brits thumb.
  • canada day, it was a reward from us brits for years of good service and loyalty. You know we like you better than the southeners

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