• I used to prefer to have a check in my hand every pay period, thinking I'd lose track of my finances with direct deposit. It wasn't until I took a job that required direct deposit that I found out how much it simplifies my life. No bank lines, no ATM's, no time lost.
  • Direct deposit is a far better way of making and receiving payment.
  • Direct deposit. But don't move house and fail to notify your employer's payroll dept.... I did that once and bounced a large check. I felt so dumb. The merchant was really nice about it and I covered it instantly. But wow. dumbdumbdumb
  • No contest. Direct deposit is so much easier. Additionally, I get paid a day earlier than I would for a traditional check.
  • I would rather be paid by direct deposit because I usually never have time to go to the bank before I need money, so I end up being broke :( lol
  • I want to see my check and cash it, my pay varies so I don't want to think I have more money than I actually do, if it was direct deposited.
  • I love my direct deposit - I only wish I could have my check split up between my different accounts - I'm a total nut - I have about 5 different accounts
    • Mircat
      My credit union automatically takes money from checking and puts some into savings Ask your financial institution.
  • I love Direct Deposit. I always hated getting my paycheck on a friday, and not getting off work until after the banks had closed, and no being able to access the money I had in my hand for another few days. I much prefer knowing that I will have the money in my account every other monday morning, and if Monday is a holiday, I will have it the friday before. It's very nice.
  • I use direct deposit. I hate going to the bank. I can always print out my deposit slips manually and keep them that way if I feel the urge.
  • Direct deposit so I don't lose my checks. It happens.
  • i like direct deposit. i hate going to the bank for any reason.
  • cash or check
  • Direct deposit
  • Direct deposit for the convenience of not having to go to the bank and getting paid a day or two sooner. I would NOT do that, however, if my employer was very small and/or I thought there was a real possibility the business might fail.
  • Directly
  • Absolutely direct deposit.

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