• I thought it was a nonsense folksong from scotland singwell. A large number of children's folk songs are nonsensical. There is a welsh children's folk song which roughly translates as Is there another goat? That’s not been milked? On the craggy rocks The old goat is wandering. A white, white, white goat, Yes a white lip, white lip, white lip, A white tail, white tail A white flank and tail, White, white, white. A black, black, black goat, Yes a black lip, black lip, black lip, etc A red, red, red goat, Yes a red lip, red lip, red lip, etc A blue, blue, blue goat, Yes a blue lip, blue lip, blue lip, etc Also I can think off hand of others in english such as 'froggy went a-courting' 'hey didle diddle the cat and the fiddle' and 'michael finnigan' HOWEVER, I've had a look at the wiki for it an it suggests that it's a satirical song about living off the land. I personally prefer the idea that it was simply a creative list of yummy food, possibly made up at a time of hardship in scotland, when food was scarce. here's the wiki

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