• Marvin's had no beginning and no end...just a middle.
  • The Cable Guy because for some reason Jim Carrey is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. I hold nothing against people who like him but for the life of me I can't understand why anyone would buy a ticket to one of his movies, or rent one, or watch it for free on TV for that matter.
  • Queen of the Damned. That movie SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked out of it twice. I was going to give it a second chance but couldn't do it. That is one of the worst movies ever!!!
  • Saw. And any of the Saw movies following. I never really liked gory movies (I don't know *why* I even sat down to watch, I knew it would be) and having to sit through that movie pretending not to be phased by it in front of friends was Hell for me.
  • Its hard to pick just one. The most recent would have to be 'Wanted', against my better judgement a friend and I chose to see this. We 'wanted' our $12.00 and that hour and a half of our lives back. I could deal with all the superhuman abilities but we just laughed when it came to the shooting the wings off a fly and 'bending' the bullets silliness. Super speed and strength is one thing, violating the laws of physics another (at least with the Matrix movies they had the excuse of it being a virtual reality for that). Probably my personal all time lamest movie is a tie between 'The Ring' and 'The Grudge', neither was at all scary.
  • Titanic. I thought it was the most over rated piece of garbage.
  • "The Joy Luck Club" - when they put that baby under the water I walked out of the cinema...
  • Miami Vice. I thought it was the most boring film ever made.
  • FORREST GUMP! The longest, most inane, meaningless, overrated, sappy piece of fluff I've ever seen. Did I say it was long? Overlong? Overrated? Just like Tom Hanks "WAY-overly-rated, overrated performance"? :) [ and I do realize the rest of the world worships the movie, it's OK with me. I just did not get it at all. ] * * Perhaps because I saw Peter Sellers in "Being There," a similar type themed movie and THAT film floored me in its excellence!
  • I can't go with just one here. "Reds" back in the 80's was soooo bad we couldn't even make out while it played! "Sideways" was hyped as a great movie but was a total bore at every level. "The Mask" (or anything with Jim Carey) is painful for me, although both of my sons liked it. (And I like South Park, Beavis, Larry the Cable Guy, etc so I tend to like that type of stuff!)
  • Legend. Stupid movie especially the ending. He could have at least taken them all out with a sawn-off shot gun or something
  • Something's Gotta Give. I hate Dianne Keaton's acting style, including her incessant crying and whining. When she bawled over the typewriter, I nearly died with laughter. Another reason that I don't like this movie is that my now-ex boyfriend and I had a fight after watching it, so I associate the movie with the unpleasantness of the fight.
  • Caddyshack 2. In my opinion, it is the single worst sequel in the history of film. Everyone associated with it should be burned, torn to pieces, and buried alive.
  • Well after watching Schindler's List a couple years ago, I told myself I would never watch it again, not because I didn't enjoy it, I thought it was brilliant, but it was so shocking, so real, and hearing the stories of the war from my Oma, it was extremely tough to watch. However, I think I would watch it again. It's a tough movie, but a powerful one. So I just didn't exactly answer your question. I can't think of a terrible movie I've seen and not loved. I'm a pretty good judge when it comes to films, I try not to watch the ones I know aren't my taste.
  • I saw part of "Girl, Interrupted" and I could not stand to be in the tv room for more than about 15 mins.....too many memories of the funny farm and OMFG the anger it dredged up from those bastards keeping us under lock and key. My well being was pretty far down their list of priorities...and only surfaced when it was congruent with their other motives. I would bet many in my position would not have been able to win the war of wits based on their criteria to gtfo of that place. Yeah. Girl Interrupted. Hands down. I cannot watch that movie without leaving the room or destroying........something............ Gah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I won't watch that movie ever again intentionally.
  • Titanic! What a total waste of time. However, my wife loves it & we usually agree on film, but not this time!
  • Revolver. Every review said it was awful but I still wanted to see if it really was that bad, and it was.
  • Schindler's List. It broke my heart.
  • Any and all Uwe Bolle movies. Poop stinks. Simple.
  • Wanted. That movie was...just so....I can't even explain it.
  • AI: Artifical Intelligence It's just too painful for me to watch poor little Haley Joe Osmot get left in the forest by his mom after he is programmed to love her. OOOOOOOOOOOOH my god, I can't handle it. It's just way to sad and emotional for me to watch.
  • its a really old movie called The Magic Sword. its a kids movie, but it was tough watching it. We watched it as a family, becuase my step dad had fond memories of it. It sucked lol
  • There are quite a few really bad comedies out there that I will not bother to watch. But I will answer in a different way and say that I never want to see a movie that really was an excellent film, superior!!! But it was too sad and heartbreaking for me to ever watch it again. I was glad I saw "Life is Beautiful" but I could never bear to go through that again :-(
  • Nurse Betty. It's just STUPID! For an actor like Morgan Freeman, that movie was definitely a step down for him.
  • Another answer from me if possible: " Cloverfield." I am a horror genre fan and 'have seen them all,' but this movie terrified the living daylights out of me! It terrified me for all the right reasons -- tight directing ( the hand-held camera effect bothered me not at all), great casting, you only see things from the characters' points of views,PLOT SPOILER: one does not see the creature hardly at all, very effective to me! etc. I don't think I'll be able to watch it again, though. [ I tried watching a 90 second trailer on the computer not too long ago and got to the 45-second mark and turned it off! ] Though many, many disagree with me, I find "Cloverfield" an excellent movie. Just too scary for me at this time. :)
  • Defiance, good movie but so drawn out.
  • Bugs!!! A totally awful film. The write up on back of DVD is the most thrilling bit! It's the last time i let the missus pick a film on her own. (LOL) It makes Night of The Living Dorks look fantastic (german film, English subtitles) Zombies and school. Best bit girl with boobs out! Only good bit!!!
  • No Country for Old Men. It bored me to tears and the ending made me so mad that I almost threw a beer bottle through the screen.
  • Cloverfield. I get that the camera work is supposed to look like it was recorded with something hand-held, but it's just so hard to watch when it's shaking all over the place. The ending is terrible also, it's like it ends part way through the plot.
  • 'Lucky Number Slevin' - over-hyped, overrated, self-indulgent crap.
  • Million Dollar Baby and Grave of the Fireflies. Both films were beautifully done, but they were soo painful to watch.
  • There are hundreds I could list. Gigli: Bad acting, bad story, complete waste of film.
  • There are many. Top of the list is Splendor in the Grass, what idiots they All were. Gone with the Wind - utter boredom. 2001: A Space Odyssey - what crap Chicago - I saw this one on tv, my husband and I got excited when the commercials came on because they were the best parts.
  • "The Dark Knight", because it is greatly overrated, and I hate it.
  • Bridges of Madison County. It's a cheater's movie, and I respect the sanctity of marriage.
  • cant think of one right now
  • Why even bother to recall and emphasize an unmemorable movie.
    • lavender
      haha it's a pattern I have noticed, even often repeated within the same thread. Look out below...
  • Sorry fans - any Star Wars movie. I have tried - SOOOO boring to me.
  • there aint any like that
  • It's hard to choose just one. Candidates include Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Halloween, Annie Hall, Interiors, Darjeeling Limited and The Godfather.
    • Archie Bunker
      The Godfather?? Just for that, we're going to the mattresses.
  • Bridges of Madison County. I don't like cheater movies.
  • Anything with Jodie Foster. That dope is over-rated. I actually tried to kill myself after watching Contact, but the rope broke. Horrible.
    • Roaring
      That's harsh Archie I did laugh though about the rope : )
    • Archie Bunker
      Her over-acting is harsh.

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