• When plastic first emerged in the early 20th century, it was seen as a wonder material. You could do so much with it, and it was cheap. It was not until much later in the century that the amount of it floating around was recognised as a danger to the environment. It has been a struggle since then to convince industry to adopt biodegradable bags (the cost involved has to be taken into account) but it is slowly happening. Hopefully within 50 years, the problem will have all but disappeared.
  • For two reasons: convenience and cost. Plastic bags are waterproof, strong, easy to carry, simple to store, and can take any shape. They are also pretty cheap to make. People are short sighted. They don't think about the distant future and they don't have to watch the animals who die as a result of plastic bags- so it doesn't bother them too much. Out of sight-out of mind.
  • State your facts.

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