• One traditional explanation for the custom is that it began literally as a blessing. Pope Gregory I the Great (AD 540-604) ascended to the Papacy just in time for the start of the bubonic plague in AD 590 (his successor succumbed to it). To combat the plague, Gregory ordered litanies, processions, and unceasing prayer for God's blessing. When someone sneezed (seen as the initial onset of the plague), they were immediately blessed ("God bless you!") in the hope that they would not actually develop the disease.
  • it was thought that the soul escaped from the body when one sneezed. Saying "God bless you" kept it in. least that is one explanation.
  • I imagine in comes from somebody hoping that God would bestow blessings on the person they are speaking to. I'm agnostic but my wife is a Christian and if she says, "Goodnight" without the God bless bit it doesn't seem like a proper goodnight
  • it is said that the moment you sneeze it is then that evil can enter your body and invade your soul so we say bless you to bannish bad spirits
  • i know the right answer... long ago when people sneezes they thought u had the plague so to make sure you didnt go to hell they would say "god bless you"
  • To save your soul from burning in hell after leaving your body from a sneeze. Old belief. That is what I've heard.

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