• Warsaw began as a landing on the Ohio River in 1798. In 1805, founder Colonel Robert Johnson surved and built a road from this landing to his former home in Scott County, Kentucky. The landing soon became a busy shipping port. In 1814, Colonel Johnson and Henry Yates purchased 200 acres to establish a rivertown to be named Fredericksburg, after Johnson's hometown in Virginia. By 1815, the town plat was complete. The Town extended from the River to Market Street and included 172 numbered lots, eacj 28 1/2 by 99 feet. In 1831, the town was renamed Warsaw. In 1837, the Gallatin County, Kentucky seat was moved from Port William to Warsaw. The oldest home in Warsaw is the Henry Yates House, a home built of log construction was built circa 1809. The Warsaw Historic District was created in 1982. Roughly bounded by W. High, E. Franklin, Washington, Market, Main, 3rd, 4th and Cross Streets. Source:

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