• McFarland was founded in 1856 by William H. McFarland. In July, 2006, McFarland celebrated its sesquicentennial (150th year anniversary). It celebrated with such activities as the Taste of McFarland and live music at the Gazebo located near downtown McFarland. Plaques of "Then and Now" covering McFarland's 150 years of history are located at the McFarland High School, the local Culver's restaurant, and the E.D. Locke Public Library, among various other places. Early industries in the village included harvesting winter ice and fish on nearby Lake Waubesa for rail shipment to markets in Chicago. Later a small resort industry developed in an area called "Edwards Park" near the lake. After WWII, the village became a bedroom community for Madison. In the 1960's, a lawyer named Lloyd Schneider (father of Jana Schneider) led an effort to have petroleum tank farms north of the village that are part of the Koch pipeline included in the village's tax base. This enabled the McFarland school district to fund construction of a new high school building, which has dominated the cultural life of the village ever since. In 1989 a major highway project in nearby Madison called the "beltline" made commuting to the village much easier and has enabled rapid residential growth since. On June 17th, 1992 a tornado destroyed several dozen homes and injured several people in Waubesa Heights, a nearby housing development in the town of Dunn but within the McFarland School District. Source:

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