• computer and i pod
  • computer, tv, cablebox, dvdvcr & the clapper-with remote, I upgraded.
  • My telephone and stereo speakers.
  • There are 3. Two laptops and a printer. Unless you include my headphones that have a self contained independent driver. Then there are 4. Oh, and a cordless phone.
  • well see, because around me is....a computer, back-up battery, electric sharpener, microphone, wirless internet, printer, mp3 player, headphones, speakers, radio clock, a lamp, a camera, I could probably go on but I havnt discovered everything yet
  • Four computer monitors Two Dell computers (one with it's insides ripped out) One AlienWare computer One Gateway laptop One floor lamp One table lamp One printer/scanner One subwoofer Two satellite speakers One tiny fan One piece of crap TV (hardly an electronic device) One iPod One amp One bass guitar Three surge protectors So how much is that? Twenty-two, if I counted right.
  • let's see ...took a while but the final count with a tape is 483
  • Laptop Power brick Cell phone cordless phone Cable Remote Wireless weather station Table Lamp 7 And thats sitting on the couch in the living room
  • im sitting in a computer lab full of computers. at least 30!
  • Probably somewhere in the twenties.
  • within 5 feet: A radio wireless phone cell phone computer moniter tower modem TV space heater oh yea, my air conditioner is on the floor
  • Hmmm... Two computer screens CPU Telephone Fax Machine 2 speakers Modem DSL Router Mouse Mouse Charger Head set Atomic Clock Thumb/Flash Drive Electronic address book Space heater 2 Calculators Printer Air Conditioning (window unit) And that's about it. I think that's about 20.
  • 37 I think, I'm probably missing many things.
  • My ipod, my phone, my laptop, my digital camera, my fan, and I think that's all I can see... So 5!
  • About 17. :)
  • Computer, printer, camera, phone, TV, answering machine. I think that's it.
  • In order of distance from me: computer speakers camera DVD player TV some thing that I think is a radio phone printer router another computer There's also a space heater and an electric pencil sharpener, but those are electric, not electronic, right?
  • - Laptop Computer - 8-way USB splitter - USB Keyboard - USB Game controller - external USB hard drive - USB thumb drive - digital camera - 2 printers (one is an old Brother parallel printer/scanner/copier that I paid a lot of money for, but has a parallel port while my PC has only USB ports and I plugged it into a parallel/USB converter box, but the USB service won't recognize it and Brother doesn't make updated drivers for it any more). - Microsoft Force Feedback Joystick (looks like something they'd use to fly a jet fighter with) - Wireless Router - Modem - Stereo amplifier - 2 air conditioners (one is in the window humming, the other is upside-down on the floor) - phone - answering machine - TV - Xbox - Playstation - DVD player - VCR
  • umm.. my computer, my older computer.. and my oldest computer... plus other little things like my cellphone, alarm clock.. etc etc
  • 8, whats more disturbing is im in a field miles from civilization

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