• I would check the documentation - maybe there's a limit on how many files you can have, or how many 'tree' branches (folders) you can have in the file structure.
  • You need to format your Logik mp3 player. All tracks will be deleted at this point so you may want to transfer them on to your pc first. Then...making sure your mp3 is still plugged in to your your 'My Computer' icon and right click on the relevant icon that represents your mp3 player (eg: 'removable disk'). Then select 'format' (making sure 'FAT 32' is already selected in the drop down menu). Click 'ok' and then let it reformat your mp3 player. I had the same problem but now mine allows the full 1GB of space.
  • I had this problem and got round it by sorting my files into folders on the player. It would appear that you can only have a certain amount of files in the "root folder". (This number would appear to be around 128.)
  • By Nikki J on Jul 24th, 2005

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