• no... if u cant understand them what else are u suppose to do?
  • With working in a shop i come across all sorts of accents from scottish,irish ,american and many others,if i cant understand them i do say im sorry i cant understand your accent and and they are usually ok and laugh and slow down their speech.
  • Not if you do it politely. I was a hairstylist for 12 years and I had to do a lot of people who didn't speak hardly any English at all. I had no choice but to tell them I didn't know what they were saying. I would just say that I was having trouble understanding them and would offer them a book to use to pick out pictures that were what they were looking for. No one was ever offended because of it.
  • NO, how else are you going to communicate with each other? Its better to speak upi and say something so there is no communication breakdown.
  • No. Not at all. Working in a travel agency, you cme across a lot of different people. Because their requests are so specific, and it could make or break a holiday we sometime polietly point out that their accent is very strong. They usually slow down, or write down what they want.
  • Yes, as long as you aren't nasty about it. Sometimes, Indian people and my mexican hubby are hard to understand on the phone. I have no choice but to ask them to repeat it until I get it. Sometimes hubby gets pissed, but it passes quickly enough.
  • No i dont think so i work as a receptionist and when there is someone i cannot understand because of an accent i say pardon me, i cannot hear you well.. i think it depends on how you say it if ur rude about it then yes but if you respectfully ask then its fine
  • Just saying "what?" can get kind of annoying. But point out you're having problems isn't that big of a deal.
  • No. As long as you just politely ask them to slow there speech down most people will not have an issue with that.
  • I just hand them a pen and paper
  • No, not if you truly can't understand them :)
  • Of course not. How do you respond if you don't understand. If I have someone on the phone that I don't understand, usually computer help, I ask for another person--saying politely that I can't understand and need someone else to talk to. Isn't the bottom line communication? And if you can't communicate with that person-it shouldn't be offensive to say so. But be polite.
  • No. The insult would be in pretending to understand what they are saying.
  • No, it would be more offensive to ignore them.
  • Not at all. I have told people that I have trouble understanding you and I am sorry. Please speak slowly and I will try to understand. Of course they could be trying to tell you your hair is on fire but that was not the case.
  • From their point of view, YOU have a thick accent!
  • No... Especially if you ask them not to be offended, first. They know as well as we do that there will be difficulties communicating, and shouldn't be offended, as I shouldn't be if I have to explain something in multiple ways so they will understand. (BTDT! ;-) )

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