• It depends on where you are at in the relationship. Are you dating? Are you stalking her? Does she even know who you are? If you are dating her, just tell her you love her. She's probably wanting to tell you the same thing! If you are stalking her, it's probably lust instead of love. If she doesn't even know who you are, it's best to start out with a "hi" and go from there. Good Luck!
  • Thanks for clarifying your question. First things first, the current level of your relationship is that you are in the same orchestra. That means you like her. You might like her a lot, but you have to get to know her a lot better to know you love her. One of the hardest things about making a first overture toward hanging out together is finding something you have in common. You're lucky in that you know at least one thing you have in common - music. You should know that you don't have to go from being in a group together all in one swoop. What could you do or say to her related to orchestra? Even if that's all you talk about the first couple of times you talk one on one, you'll be getting comfortable talking together. As you feel less concerned about the act of talking, you'll be more comfortable asking about other things she does - like classes or hobbies. Pretty soon little chats during breaks in orchestra could be friendship. Good luck. Also if you ever have a chance read some classic Peanuts comics. In them our hero Charlie Brown likes a red-haired girl but he worries about talking to her.
  • Well, you aren't giving enough options, if you 2 are freinds, slowley start bringing it up, shell get the idea and ask you if you have feelings, she may love you back.
  • 2-26-2017 Go to a book store and ask for Elizabeth Browning. Sit down with your lady and read to her.
    • Satisfied Pilgrim
      Great suggestion. I would recommend "Sonnets from the Portuguese" if you really want intimacy.

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