• it could be Ecstasy Pills come in a variety of "brands," usually identified by the icons stamped on the pills hope this helps
  • Yeah that is ecstasy for sure. 1/4 of an inch is pretty big for a pill and they usually have marking on it aswell.
  • All the white round pills with a triangle on them at have other imprints on them too. None of them should be taken without a script. Your brother could have been sold something very dangerous thinking it was ecstacy or whatever. I'd ask your parents to avoid letting our brother know you found them, but I'd hand them in. Sorry.
  • Small white round pill with triangle imprint could be Maxalt MLT Orally Disintegrating (5mg rizatriptan). These are used as a remedy for acute migraine headaches. See picture attached to decide if this is your pill.
  • show them to your parents

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