• There is not a format option per say on the ps2 that I am aware of. What you are capable of doing is going into the system and deleting whatever you do not want to keep. Start your ps2 up without a disc in it. You should have an option to browse. When you go into this option it will show you the memory card or memory cards. Choose the memory card that you want to delete info from. It will now give you options to delete or copy information. Delete the information. If you have files that you want to keep and you do have another memory card, you can copy them to the other card so you can keep that information. I hope that answered your question.
  • You cant. You have to go to the browser and erase everything one by one.
  • you can buy action reply with datel max media manager which can format the memory card deleting all the data at once or you can download other user submitted applications for ps2 and use elf launcher to run it but i wouldn't garentee the results since it didn't work with my slim ps2
  • U may have to get a whole new disc for that try AR max, you can format the card with this disc.
  • Impossible.
  • Not impossible. Use the software disk that comes with the Max Drive.
  • The first answer is correct. Use the software that comes with a Max Drive. You can save your data to the Max Drive, reformat the memory card and then save it back to your memory card.

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