• Its just a matter of stage design. But not all talk shows sits thier guests in the right side of the host. A popular show called PARKINSON has the host at the right side of the set and his guests are seated to his right. OPRAH seats her guest in the center of the stage while she sits mostly along the audience. Statistically there are more shows that sit guests on the right side of the host but not always (or all) and the simple answer is...its just a matter of set design.
  • As the other answer says, Michael Parkinson has always had guests sit on the left side. There's another british TV show called Norden something. The guest sits on the left. The Australian show, "enough rope" with Andrew Denton again is the same. I think in general with the US television shows, the tradition of having guests enter and sit to the right of the host has been followed through for years.
  • Because Most Hosts are right handed and find it easier to look to the right to speak with their guest.

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