• There a lot of rumours to why 50 Cent uses this for his moniker. Apparently, however, he is reported as saying on his DVD that "50 cent" refers to "change". I don't have the DVD, so I cannot confirm this. All the other rumours do not seem to have any way of verifying them.
  • it was the name of a drug dealing gangsta , that was admired by his peers . he later got caught up in the game and was killed .. so 50 , took his name to show repect to him , and keep his name on the streets , for all to remember .........
  • Its a metaphor for change.
  • I got the DVD its bout that 50 cent got his name from a gangsta that was like 5'8 but he was real and they talk about how the rapper aint nothin compared to the real 50 the real 50 got shot and stab over 20 times but he finally die and they say its sumthing that both can see thats they cant fight
  • He got his name because he has been shot so many times, they had to put plates in his skin. The plates are 2 quarters thick, so that is why they call him "50 CENT"
  • 50ceminem is dead so many things, curtis jackson stole the originally belonged to an actual street hustler notorious for his urge to steal everything as well as being trigger happy; the real guys name i believe, came from a legend saying he actually held somebody up for fifty cents; curtis jackson claimed for some reason to respect this asshole and 'sampled' the name...he pledged to use some of his ill-gotten profits to erect a tombstone on the real fifty cents unmarked grave...last i heard, he still hasnt done it
  • He used to be half of DOLLAR.
  • that was his budget before he became a whore for the media
  • When he was a kid he was standing on the street corners asking passers-by for "50 cent".
  • most of you are wrong, i think i read one or two of your blogs that are right.. read what "the king of awesome" or what 'grilledoutnigga' has to say and that would be the true story you fuckin jackoff morons why even say shit if you dont know what ur talkin about..fuckman
  • Since he's Black, he probably lived in a Black neighborhood at some point. I know that 20 years ago, I used to be approached quite often when in Black neighborhoods by homeless people who said, "50 cent, 50 cent". Later it became "ky av a dollar", and now it's usually, "excuse me, sir?". I give to street musicians, but for those who ask, it really depends on if they appear to be physically disabled or mentally ill.

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