• A starfruit begins green and as it grows becomes yellow at the center, and eventually orange. The tips of each prong will stay green for quite some time until eventually the fruit becomes very soft and almost soggy in which it's tips become a deep orange as well. I would consider a star fruit "ripe" when it is orange in color but still firm. The tips may still be green but inside it is soft and orange. It can usually be eaten like an ear of corn- chewing your way down each prong of the "star" until you're left with a core. A common preparation is to slice it into small stars and enjoy, or add sugar for a sweet snack. I personally prefer starfruit when it is "unripe" green or yellow. It is much firmer and even tart. I compare a green starfruit and an orange starfruit to a green and red apple, one is sour the other is sweet. As far as I'm aware, there is no harm in eating unripe starfruit, I've done it for years.

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