• You can do darker, but the other colors may make it worse. What do you mean by dye? What did you use?
  • Yes, you're hair has been damaged big time. That's why it's orange. And if you try to do this yourself the chemicals in the dye will do more damage. You need to have a pro do it to save your hair. Unless you like Britnany's new look.
  • Run to Sally's Beauty Supply Store and pick up a tiny bottle of filler. Leave on semi dry hair for 20 min, do not rinse. Choose a color of preference. DO NOT PICK A ASH COLOR, THIS WILL MAKE YOUR COLOR EVEN REDDER. Mix loreal color with 4 oz of 30 max developer. Leave on for 35 min, rinse. Use biolodge conditioning mud for repair daily. You may have to see a professional down the road for great results but this is a quick fix that will keep you from looking rediculous. Its way cheaper too. I have been in your shoes plenty of times....good luck
  • in my experience you can go darker but home dyeing blonde never works, i would go to a hairdressers and get a consultation to see what would work the more you dye the worse it will become, been there done that!!

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