• Doctors prescribe Retin-A Micro to treat and prevent acne breakouts. This medication contains tretinoin, or vitamin A with advanced technology, which reduces irritation associated with topical application.


    Retin-A Micro is prescribed in two different strengths, .04 percent and .1 percent. Pharmacies dispense this medication in a tube or pump.


    A patient applies a small amount of Retin-A Micro to her face after cleansing the treatment area. A physician determines the exact dosage amounts.


    According to Retin-A, patients begin seeing results after 2 to 7 weeks of treatment.

    Side Effects

    A stinging sensation may occur when applying this medication. Patients using this medication may experience skin irritation symptoms including peeling and redness. Side effects associated with Retin-A Micro may decrease over time.


    Pregnant patients should consult a physician immediately before continuing treatment with Retin-A Micro.

    Considerations recommends that patients using this medication apply a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 15 or higher during sun exposure.

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