• Giving your dog or cat the ability to get in or out of the house is made easy with pet panel doors that interlock to sliding glass doors, eliminating the need for cutting holes to make the space for a door.


    Pet panels are glass panels that have the dog door prefabricated into them. The panel fits into the sliding glass door frame, and the pet door locks to protect unwanted criminal entry.


    Pet doors come with different window pane thickness for thermal insulation. You can obtain them in different colors to match your sliding glass door, and in different sizes for different-sized pets.


    Pets can get out to relieve themselves without assistance and get back in to escape harsh elements such as rain, snow or excessive heat. There is no demolition or construction involved in the installation, and the panel can go with you if you move, leaving the house exactly as it was.

    Energy Efficiency

    There are different window thicknesses available for different climates. Thermal panels are ideal for harsher climates with dual pane glass.


    Installing a pet patio door narrows the space you have on your sliding glass door. Smaller sliding glass doors may no longer have enough room for you to walk through, making this an impractical option.

    Source: General Information for Patio Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

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