• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Clinically Tested

    Trident manufactures chewing gum, including Trident White, which Trident claims can whiten teeth. According to Trident, clinical studies have shown that chewing "two pieces of Trident White gum four times a day for four weeks" can result in stain reduction, as well as a decrease in new stains. Trident also claims the method by which Trident White works is both proprietary and patented.

    On the Other: Actual Results

    There are many dedicated tooth whitening products available, either with or without a prescription. Undoubtedly, chewing gum is easier to use than many of the alternatives, but its effectiveness is unclear. According to, whitening chewing gum tastes good but does not effectively whiten teeth. However, notes that whitening gums such as Trident White may contain ingredients that create hydrogen peroxide when chewed, which is a known whitening ingredient.

    Bottom Line

    If you want potentially whiter teeth and chew gum anyway, Trident White is probably worth a try. However, if the goal is strictly to have whiter teeth, a dedicated whitening method is recommended.


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