• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Roller bearings

    According to, there are several types of roller bearings, including cylindrical, self-aligning, track, tapered and needle. Each type is better suited to certain applications and environments. Roller bearings are able to handle large loads due to the weight distribution over a larger area as opposed to the weight focusing on a single point.

    On the Other: Ball Bearings defines ball bearings as a bearing assembly that uses sphere shaped bearings as the rolling elements. Ball bearings help maximize efficiency through reducing the frictional contact between parts through bearings and lubrication. This type of bearing is often useful for small to medium sized loads and is well suited for high-speed operation.

    Bottom Line

    Roller bearings are better for heavier loads than ball bearings. Otherwise, the two work the same and perform the same task.

    Source: -- roller bearings -- ball bearings

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