• Medical coding is the process of assigning codes to diagnoses and procedures. Medical billing is submitting the codes for reimbursement. To perform coding and billing functions, professionals must receive specialized training.

    Medical Terminology

    Coders and billers extensively review patient documentation. Medical terminology courses provide the knowledge to assign the correct codes and assess billing.


    Medical coders and billers take anatomy courses to have a general understanding of how the body works. Coding and billing often involves disease and treatment discussions with clinical professionals to clarify information.

    Medical Office Management

    Medical coding and billing are business functions within health care. Coders and billers take basic office classes to train on computers, communication and math.


    Medical coders and billers take specialized ICD-9-CM and CPT coding courses to learn how to code patient diagnoses and procedures.


    Reimbursement courses provide an understanding on the different payment systems and how to use the coding process to bill for services. Reimbursement courses also cover completing the appropriate forms and claims for reimbursement.


    American Health Information Management Association: Coding Basics Program

    American Academy of Professional Coders: CPC Preparation Course

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