• Not to worry. Usually treated earlier in childhood and also seen then, but not a big deal. here is what they will do: The surgery is recommended to avoid possible complications, especially if the umbilical hernia gets bigger or becomes painful. During surgery, a **small incision** is made at the base of the belly button. The herniated tissue is returned to the abdominal cavity, and the opening in the abdominal wall is stitched closed. That's it! Most people are able to go home within a few hours after surgery and resume typical activities within two to four weeks.
  • I have heard of them and they are very common, not to worry. Hernias are not removed, just reduced, so the recovery time is pretty short, as well. Maybe this can help.
  • Have you had you Hernia repair surgery yet? My umbilical hernia was repaired a few weeks ago and it wasn't bad at all. I believe my case to be extreme so your case may be different. My hernia was protruding so much that when I was in a lying down position and asked to lift my feet a few inches you could see my intestines poke through between my so-called ab muscles. Also, my skin in that area was so badly damaged from being pregnant (twice) it was thin and easily revealed how large my umbilical hernia was. All the damaged skin was removed when my surgeon repaired my hernia with a mesh. I stayed in the hospital over night and was sent home the next day. I had drain tubes for 5 days as well as a pain pump that provided a constant flow of numbing medication for 2 days. It's almost 2 weeks post-op and I'm driving around and moving normally. I was just advised to not lift anything heavy, so that means I can't lift my 6 month old daughter. All in all, I'm very pleased with the results and have a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow. Woo-hoo!
  • Hi, I have a para-umbilical hernia which is quite small. You'll probably need a general anaesthetic (which unfortunately needs nil-by-mouth ) and a couple of stitches, in my case it will be incorporated into the folds of my navel and wont be an obvious scar. Hope it goes well!

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