• If you want to have two children, getting both births out of the way at once by having twins may seem ideal. Not only do you avoid a second pregnancy, but you get to go through the terrible twos just once. While multiple births are not a very common occurrence, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving twins.

    Delay Motherhood

    Research has shown that the older a woman, the higher her chances of having twins. In particular, being over 30 years of age seems to improve a woman's chances of multiple births. If you're not in a rush to have children and you want to have two, delaying pregnancy may give you the two-for-one pregnancy you're hoping for.

    Put On A Few Pounds

    According to a study by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who have a Body Mass Index of 30 or more are more likely to have a multiple birth. Think of it this way: you're going to gain weight with pregnancy anyway, so why not just put on some padding a little early and increase your chances of having to go through pregnancy only once?

    Conceive Strategically

    Many doctors believe that having sex later in the ovulation cycle can increase a woman's chances of having twins. Because fraternal twins develop from separate eggs, it's possible for a woman whose body releases two eggs during ovulation to have fraternal twins if both eggs are fertilized. In addition, some doctors speculate that a woman is more likely to become pregnant with twins if she conceives in the month or two immediately after stopping birth control. They think this is because it takes the body a couple of months to regulate its reproductive hormones after being on the pill, and as a result the body may release multiple eggs during ovulation in those months.

    Consume the Right Stuff

    Researchers in Sweden and Australia have independently found that women who took folic acid supplements prior to conception had increased chances of conceiving twins. Another plus is that folic acid can reduce the chances of birth defects. Consuming dairy has also been linked to twin conception. Research by Dr. Gary Steinman of Long Island Jewish Medical Center revealed that women who eat dairy regularly can have a likelihood up to five times greater of having twins than women who don't include dairy products in their diets. As quirky as it may seem, eating yams may also help women trying to conceive twins. Women in one African village have twins about five times more often than the rest of the world's population, and fertility experts think it has to do with the fact that wild yams are such a dietary staple. The phytoestrogens in yams may result in multiple eggs getting released during ovulation.

    Consider Fertility Drugs and Treatments

    Taking fertility drugs is another way to increase your chances of multiple egg release during ovulation. In-vitro fertilization can also be used to increase the odds of having twins. However, many people who take fertility drugs or undergo IVF have also been known to have larger multiple births, so avoid this strategy if you're not prepared to deal with more than just two children.

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