• Being able to access maps online for virtually any location in the world is convenient, but the inevitable mistakes do occur. Incorrect spellings, punctuation and street names may crop up as you use Google Maps, which can be frustrating when you're trying to generate driving directions or simply find a new location. Fortunately, there are ways to make corrections easily.

    Report Mistakes

    Because Google receives information from companies that provide mapping data, reporting the problem directly to the provider can clear up the mistake. You can find the names of providers by searching for the street map on Google and examining the lower right-hand corner. For maps by Google or Tele Atlas, it will be a matter of clicking a link and describing what should be changed, but other local providers will need to be contacted for changes to be made.

    Google Map Alterations

    There are several ways to report a problem on Google Maps. Begin by pulling up a map that displays the street that contains the error. Click on the "Report A Problem" link in the lower right-hand corner or right click on the map itself. A white balloon will pop up, with a bouncing marker underneath it. Click and drag this marker until the "X" beneath it marks the street location you're trying to fix. Next, select the correct element from the drop-down menu to indicate the error and describe the problem in the text box. If you have a Google email address, you can ask to be notified when the problem is resolved by checking this option before clicking "Report Problem." If the difficulty occurred when you generated driving directions, scroll to the bottom of the directions on the left and click "Report A Problem." Select the option that fits best from the radio buttons displayed, and pick whichever step that mentions the incorrect street from the drop-down menu.

    Tele Atlas Alterations

    Tele Atlas can be contacted at and has a relatively simple correction submission process. Begin by selecting the country, state or province, and address in the system, and click "Search." As with Google Maps, you'll click and drag a marker, this time a green pushpin on the left-hand side of the map, to the location that needs correcting. Click on Step 2, "Describe" and select "Street or Map Feature." You'll be asked to indicate whether you want to add, remove or rename a street by clicking the radio buttons provided, then the specific feature you want to alter. Enter the incorrect and correct names, then click "Submit."


    Fix an Error on Google Maps

    Report A Problem---Google Maps

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