• Dark circles or bags under the eyes are most often recognized as being the result of little or no sleep. There are many different causes of dark bags under the eyes, however, that have nothing to do with sleep.


    Fatigue is a common cause of dark circles under the eyes, as well as puffiness and redness.


    Blocked sinuses and a stuffy nose cause the capillaries under the eyes to become inflamed or engorged with blood, resulting in dark circles under the eyes similar to a bruise.


    Smoking causes the skin and blood vessels of the face to constrict, which makes the veins under the skin more prominent and appear darker.


    Damage to the blood vessels under the eyes due to blunt force trauma, such as a punch, will cause blood to leak under the skin and result in dark bruising.


    Sun exposure can cause discoloration of skin pigmentation, especially in individuals with darker skin.


    Mayo Clinic: Dark Circles Under Eyes--Causes

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